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NC Troop 318

Join the Boy Scouts today

Joining Boy Scouts is easy. Boys ages 11-17, or who are 10 and have completed the 5th grade are eligible. All it takes is to complete a simple one-page application and pay a pro-rated annual due.


Joining our Troop is just as easy. First, come for a visit and see the Troop in their regular meeting on Mondays. See how they plan outings and learn/practice skills. Talk with a Scoutmaster and get all of your questions answered. Don't worry about gear. All you need is a good pair of shoes, your school backpack, a water bottle and a mess kit. Once you've joined the Troop, you will need purchase a uniform.


So, come for a visit and let us show you how scouting can be fun and add value to your future.

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