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Welcome to the Troop 318 family. We are glad you are here.


Annual dues for our Troop are currently $100/year. That breaks down as $42 for national registration with Boy’s Life, $8 for advancement, and $50 for equipment. The first two pieces are pro-rated based on when you join during the year. The $50 equipment fee is not pro-rated. So, if you join in the middle of the year, the dues would be $75 ($50*1/2 plus $50).


For Scouts bridging into Troop 318, you have already paid your first $50 for this year by being a part of Pack 318. So, all we need you to pay is the $50 equipment fee. The equipment fee pays for tents, cooking gear and other material that is used in the camping portions of our program.

For your convenience, you can pay through PayPal, or you can pay by check or cash (checks made payable to “BSA Troop 318”). See Mr. Allen for more information or if you have questions.

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